About Noemi

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Noemi at Great Falls, VA, US

Yet another blog? Really? Why? 

Yeah, I know. I’ve been also thinking about why the vast ocean of blogs out there needs another drop. But the answer is embarrassingly simple. I created this blog because my writings and half-written short stories kept arguing with me about not having enough space. So this is a place for them, where they can finally hang out freely.

The name of this site is Noemi Writes. (My full name is Noemi Scheiring-Olah, but that’s way too long and complicated, even for me. Imagine signing documents with this name.) Anyway.

So hi,
I’m Noemi and I wouldn’t dare to call myself a writer (yet). Therefore I just write. I write little pieces and short stories about inner struggles, social issues and personal incidents backed up by my (more than) 30-year-old wisdom.

Truth is, I don’t really like to talk much about myself and perhaps you’re not interested in my autobiography either (but that’s just a hunch), so here are some highlights that also give the basis of this site:

  • As you already know, I write. This is important because I’m a non-native English speaker, but before I lose you here, let me just say that this very fact immensely helped my writing. I know, it’s strange, but I can’t help it, stories come to me in English now.
  • I am from Hungary. It’s here. No, just kidding (almost). It is physically here.
  • I am a woman. And a wife.
  • I travel a lot. In the last 4 years I lived in Brussels, Cambridge UK, Washington DC and now I’m back to Cambridge. I’m a constant migrant. I’m an alien.
  • I was a campaign manager of a progressive political party and I’m still slightly into politics. Believe me. It’s yuuuge.
  • I also love communications – especially planning and editing. And you know, writing.
  • An almost vegan vegetarian. Yes, cheese.
  • Cats.

To sum up, with this blog I would like to shed some light on the defects and injustices of our modern societies. But I aim to do this with an uplifting style and with a friendly tone that taps your shoulder and simply says “I know. Now let’s watch some cat videos.”

If you have read all the way down here, first off: thanks! And if you want to read even more, you can either subscribe to this site or find me on social media below. Or both. Or you can even contact me if you like.

Either way, thanks for being here.