First Blog Post as a Dependent Alien

A green alien peeping out from the backdoor.

I’m An Alien

Yep, that’s me. No Sci-Fi stuff, just me. Sorry.

Right now I’m a dependent alien. Alien, because I’m staying in the US for a few months as a non-American and dependent, because that’s what my visa says.

When people ask me where I’m from and I tell them I’m from Hungary, sometimes I receive odd reactions. Some people simply nod and I can almost see the new input racing through their brain cells and ending up in the trash. Other people ask questions like:

“Is that in Asia?”


“It’s a socialist country, right?”

But my Hungarian friends are used to the fact that the world (*cough Americans *cough) doesn’t really know much about us. And let’s face it, we are a small country in the middle of Europe, where everyone has their own shi problems to deal with. However, on a more surprising note, this is not only true for Hungary. When I was in an unusually chatty mood with an American Uber driver, I added “but practically I live in the UK”. And this is what I got:

“Wha’s tha’?”

“You know, the United Kingdom? Britain?”

*Blinks and silence.

“England?” – I said.

“Oh, I just love your accent.” – He said.

Yeah, it’s my accent, surely.

It seems while British PM Theresa May is flooded with letters of her slogan falling off the wall in the wave of Brexit, this is what an alien gets for talking about the UK on the opposite side of the pond.

Perspectives, right?

The Lands of Immigrants

But the UK, Hungary and the US have at least one thing in common. Everybody wants to shut the door to everybody’s face while yelling and beating their chests. They are mostly the politicians, to be fair. Nowadays the words “migrant” or “immigrant” are used with the tone of an insult or disgust.

In the UK – in the United Kingdom, in Britain, in England – a politician can pose in front of a billboard portraying marching refugees as a tool for tearing the country apart from Europe. (While being an MEP and receiving both salary and pension from the EU. Lovely, innit?)

In Hungary… Well this is a bit ironic, because, and this is true, the number of those people who are willing to set foot in the country are far less, than of those who are leaving it. Still, there are ongoing hate campaigns against the EU and now against George Soros, where the government uses migrants as punch bags. They even set up a fence at the southern border and wanted the EU to pay for it.

The green pig from Angry Birds
Pig from Angry Birds (source: freevector)

So to be clear, Hungary is getting emptier and emptier, but the government thinks that it was far too crowded anyway. There’s a Hungarian joke about an aggressive piggy, who, after falling over on his bike, says “piss off, this is how I get off!” Yeah, I think you know what I mean.

And the US*sigh.

I think the US President’s reference to himself as “the least racist person on Earth” already says a lot. Yuuuge wall. Mexico will pay for it. Stealing jobs. Sh*tholes. Sh*thouse.

And beside all these, the President also says he wants merit-based immigration. Hearing him pronounce the two syllables of mer-it feels like two stabs in my eardrum. And not only because his status is, you know, not necessarily earned, but because this statement is also highly ignorant.

First off, categorizing people based on their “worth” defined by others recalls the most horrible events in the history of mankind.

And second, those idolized (white) countries where the President expects immigrants from, were not hit hard by screwed-up American foreign policies or natural disasters. This means the US should be more responsible for those who are affected by its actions. And yes, this also includes the victims of natural disasters, because these disasters are indicators for climate change that the US also intensifies with its second largest emission rates, and now its refusal to take part in the Paris agreement. And if you happen to be the kind of person who doesn’t believe in climate change, that doesn’t make you less responsible, only dumber.

I Remain an Alien

Phew. Not a light topic for a first blog post, right? And there’s even more where this came from, but it was too long for one post. (And it’s not really finished yet. – Now it is.)

And why did I choose this topic?

Because being a migrant is my everyday experience for a while now. And if I don’t talk about how in my home country, Hungary, the government creates a hateful atmosphere towards migrants and refugees, while being one myself (not a refugee, just a migrant), I’m gonna blow up.

But it seems stoning immigrants for political gains is the new black in politics.

Therefore, while some people are unwilling to recognize that everybody is a human first, I’d rather remain an alien. And concentrate on what Sting already suggested.

“Be yourself, no matter what they say.”

(And now it will ring in your ear all day. Your welcome.)

I can understand that you can’t wait to read the next post, so all you have to do is to subscribe and stay tuned. You can also go here for some more.

(Peeping green alien pic:

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