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Here are those of my writings that enrich other parts of the almighty Internet.

Creative writing

  • The Interview – originally published on Short Fiction Break. I submitted this short story for my first writing contest ever. It is a about a young woman, Annabelle, and her battle against time.
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“And now she had a job interview in London, at a marketing agency. But the fear of being late again started to creep out from an old wardrobe standing in the corner of her soul.”
  • Hugs – originally posted on the Blog of Untruths, the online version of the Book of Untruths written by my creative writing instructor, Miranda Doyle. This piece signals my tiny attempt in life writing and it is about the unspoken tensions behind a photograph.
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“I loved the Lake Balaton. I loved the sound of the calm waves, loved its sweet taste and its smell mixed with sun oil and Lángos.”

Social issues, campaigns

The effective progressive response to the hate campaigns against migrants.
“To prevent anti-migrant hate campaigns from polluting even more countries, progressives should erase the line separating domestic and immigrant workers.”
  • The Ghost of Feminism – originally published on the blog of the Young Women’s Trust. This blog post is about a personal struggle for being an independent woman in a men’s world. You should also check out this organisation, the Young Women’s Trust, it is great. I still rely on the things they helped me realise during their FREE coaching sessions.
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“I did learn something that helped me realise I don’t have to justify myself to anyone. Not even if they blackmail me with the false portrayal of ‘un-feminist’.”
  • Is a Progressive Alliance a Progressive Solution? – originally posted on Bright Green. I co-wrote this article with my husband. I was responsible for writing the part about campaigning. It is about how the British progressives have to face very similar challenges as the Hungarians and what they may be able to do about it.
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“The idea that freedom and social security are bound together should definitely be at the centre of a new progressive agenda.”

In Hungarian

If you feel adventurous – considering that Hungarian is one of the hardest languages to learn – or if you’re Hungarian, here are a couple of pieces in Hungarian as well:

If you happen to need any kind of help with writing, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am at your service!

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